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At Taveras Appliance Service, we pride our company on consistently delivering superior appliance repair in to the Miami-Homestead area for a fair price. With over two decades of experience under our company name, we believe in putting our customers first and make it our aim to go above and beyond to satisfy every home that calls one of our trained service professionals.

Our in-home service repair service is one of the leading reasons behind our success at Taveras. When you call Taveras for an appointment schedule for maintenance services, appliance repair, or appliance parts, you’ll be guaranteed a licensed tech fast and effectively. Each offering a careful inspection and a written detection of all issues for your appliance. Because at Taveras Appliance Service, we feel a solid, transparent relationship with our clients is what makes a trusted company.


Appliances We Service

  • Refrigerators
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens
  • Freezers
  • And More

Common signs of faulting home appliances are spiked electric or water bills and faulty service use, such as a refrigerator not cooling food products or a dryer leaving clothes wet. If you think your home may be suffering from a appliance service issue, don’t wait! Call Taveras Appliance Service today for a quote on repair costs and an expert service technician to your door within the week.


Benefits of Appliance Repair from Taveras

  • Refrigerator Repair in Miami
    • There are hosts of problems that you can experience with your refrigerator. Some of the common problems that you might experience include:
      • Leaks
      • Lack of efficient cooling
      • Problems in compressor
      • Noise
      • Leakage of gas
  • Dryer Repair in Miami
    • A dryer overtime can develop many issues with functionality and parts. You might not even be able to detect the problem in its initial stage. Unless, there is a breakdown, or the dryer stops working completely, you might hardly even know about it. Some of the common issues are:
      • Burned out circuit boards
      • Faulty parts
      • Dead motor
      • Replace drum belt, bearings and pulley
      • Check exhaust ducts
  • Washer Repair in Miami
    • A broken or malfunctioning washer can be highly damaging to house expenses including:
      • Not spinning
      • Water escaping during the spin cycle
      • Refusing to fill with water
      • Leavening clothes dirty
  • Dishwasher Repair in Mimi
    • There are wide varieties of problems that you can experience in your washer. Some of these include:
      • Producing excess noise
      • Leaking water
      • Not releasing cleaning materials
      • Lack of adequate draining or washing
      • High energy consumption

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At Taveras Appliance Service, with our over 18 years of appliance industry experience we can handle all appliance requests service work!  Our highly qualified technicians can answer all questions to suit your desired appliance needs.  We can also address all service and repair requests.  We’ll give you your best options and complete all service efficiently to get you back to your daily life!

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  • Gas and Electric Appliance Repair
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The best industry solutions for their appliance needs! We offer estimates for a low price and when you use our services we have no trip charges! Also, for your convenience we accept major credit cards as well as cash and check.

We provide in home service for all major appliance brands, completed by experienced factory trained technicians. We offer parts for sale for all major appliances.

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